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Broc The Gorges of the Jogne

The Gorges are open.

From Broc to Châtel-sur-Montsalvens, the Jogne gorges will enchant you with their wild, unusully beautiful scenery.

Bulle Historic city center of Bulle

Visit the historic city center of Bulle. Admire its monuments, its curiosities, its squares, its parks and its panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. At the Musée gruérien (Gruyère Museum) discover the town’s animated models (1722, 1912, 2002) and the permanent exhibition La Gruyère, footprints and detours, created in 2012.

Bulle-Gruyères From one Castle to the next

From Bulle Castle to that of Gruyères, via the Maison du Gruyère.

Charmey Panoramic Views

Charmey is surrounded by numerous fantastic vantage points for views. One of the most beautiful views is visible from Vounetz.

Intyamon Valley Path of the « poyas »

Between Estavannens and Lessoc, walk back along the Sarine to explore the Gruyerian villages where you can still see the very old poyas (long wooden panels depicting the summer ascent of cattle and their owners to the high alps).

Jaun Gastlosen-Tour

A great hike, leaving the only commune in Gruyère where German is spoken (village of Jaun). At the foot of the famous Gastlosen, you’re in front of the precipitous limestone rock face well known to climbers.

La Berra Top of La Berra

From Le Brand, walk to the very top of La Berra.

La Gruyère "Chemin du Gruyère"

The Chemin du Gruyère is full of surprises: the wild, romantic Lac de Montsalvens, the spectacular Jaun-Schlucht (gorge) and the famous Gruyères Castle.

La Gruyère Offer – The "GRAND TOUR”

10-day hikes in the Prealpes
Validity: 01.06.2016 - 30.09.2016
CHF 850.- including 10 nights, half-board (without drinks) and "Carnet du randonneur".

Lac de La Gruyère The "Sentier du Lac de La Gruyère"

The trail of La Gruyère Lake is a 44km hike that has been rewarded with the "Prix Rando 2012" granted by the association Suisse Rando. Smaller loop itineraries of the trail can also be made.

Moléson-sur-Gruyères Going round the Moléson

This is an ideal route for a one-day hike, going all the way up to and round the summit gives one the satisfaction of climbing a peak that provides you with a magnificent 360° panorama.



  • Charmey
  • Gruyères
  • Bulle - Château
    Bulle - Château
  • Bulle - Grand Rue
    Bulle - Grand Rue
  • Charmey
  • Jaun
  • Jaun
  • Jaun - Chalet du soldat
    Jaun - Chalet du soldat
  • la Berra
    la Berra
  • La Berra
    La Berra
  • Lac de la Gruyère
    Lac de la Gruyère
  • Moléson - village
    Moléson - village


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