Main Events

2016.05-09 - Gruyères et Moléson Musical activity: Alphorn

05-09.2016: Musical entertainment in the heart of Gruyères as well as at the Moléson by the Alpine Horn.

2016.07 - Charmey Visit of an alpine chalet

From June to September : Visit of an traditional alpine chalet and local cheese tasting every friday in summer in the village of Charmey

2016.09 - La Gruyère Désalpes in La Gruyère

"Désalpe" is the best-known of all traditional mountain festivities. After more than four months of grazing in alpine pastures, cows make their way down to the plain.

2016.10 - Bulle Gastronomy fair "Salon Suisse des Goûts et Terroirs"

28.10-01.11.2016 : Over the years, this national event has become a must in relation to top-quality produce for all those who appreciate good food.

2016.10 - Grandvillard The Mud Day Swiss

08.10.2016: The Mud Day Swiss comes in Grandvillard, are you ready?

2016.10 - La Gruyère The "Bénichon"

The "Bénichon" is a centuries-old, traditional Fribourg celebration.

2016.10 - La Roche Autumn fair

29.10.2016: The autumn fair of La Roche is organized every year the last saturday of October. Local gastronomic and handmade products are sold.

2016.11 - Bulle Corrida bulloise

19.11.2016: The “Corrida bulloise”, the famous annual race taking place through the recently renovated streets of the Bulle town.

2016.11 - Bulle FAMA: The Swiss Modelling and Handicrafts Fair

11-13.11.2016: The FAMA Fair, created in 1999, has fulfilled a need and drawn in year by year more and more exhibitors and visitors.

2016.11 - La Gruyère Museum's night

12.11.2016: The museum's night in La Gruyère, Glâne and Pays d'Enhaut, an event you do not want to miss. Discover all the region's museum on a very special athmosphere witht the theme: "Cinema".

2016.12 - Bulle Christmas Market

15-18.12.2016: In the center of Bulle on the main street, discover the "chalets" of the Christmas Market.

2016.12 - Bulle Saint-Nicholas Day in Bulle

03.12.2016: Bingo, gifts and parade: a nice program for St Nicholas Day for good boys and girls!

2016.12 - Gruyères Christmas in Gruyères

12.2016: Let the quiet and welcoming music guide you to the heart of the illuminated city of Gruyères where you can feel the magical atmosphere of Christmas !

2016.12 - Jaun Christmas Market, Jaun

02-04.12.2016: The charming village of Jaun awaits you over the first weekend of December for its Christmas market. Crafts and festive atmosphere to be found there.

2017.01 - Bulle Antiques fair of La Gruyère

01.2017: The famous and traditional antiques fair of La Gruyère with 8000m2 of exhibition.

2017.02 - Broc Carnival in Broc

23-26.02.2017 : This event is more as regional one: people from all Switzerland come to appreciate the festival and the so particular music called "Guggenmusik".

2017.02 - Bulle Children carnival

17-19.02.2017: Children are the kings of this day! The procession is the biggest of the French part of Switzerland: over 800 children!

2017.02 - Bulle Wood Fair – Building and inhabiting

10-12.02.2017: It’s the place for trade and for meetings between both professionals and members of the public who are interested in wood, building and habitat.

2017.02 - Jaun Trophée des Gastlosen - canceled

05.02.2017: The Dents Vertes ski club in Charmey will host the Trophée des Gastlosen.

2017.02 - Jaun Waterslide & Jumpcontest

17-18.02.2017: Fun contest, on which every participant ends in the icy water! Carnival feeling guaranteed!

2017.06 - La Gruyère Frigaz BerGiBike

25.06.2017: The Frigaz BerGiBike.

2017.06 - Neirivue-Moléson Mountain race Neirivue - Moléson

18.06.2017: Neirivue-Moléson is a mountain run with a distance of 10.6 m and a difference in altitude of 1290 m, the run is aimed at all sportive people.

2017.06 - Riaz Glucose festival

01-04.06.2017: The Glucose festival is a small music festival in Riaz, a small town near Bulle.

2017.06 - Vuadens Herb festival

03-04.06.2017: Over 60 craftsmen and -women will have the great pleasure of sharing their work, with products of top quality.

2017.07 - Gruyères Book fair

01-02.07.2017: Gruyères organizes the 17th edition of the Book fair in July.. The "Book fair" association and the booksellers are very pleased to welcome you into the City of Gruyères.

2017.07 - La Gruyère SlowUp La Gruyère

09.07.2017: One day every year, La Gruyère invites HPM (Human Powered Mobility) enthusiasts to grab their bikes, roller skates, and/or hiking boots to discover or rediscover the region of La Gruyère.

2017.09 - Epagny The Gordon-Bennett Cup

07-16.09.2017: 61st Coupe aéronautique Gordon Bennett, FAI long distance gas balloon championship Is the most prestigious and the oldest aeronautical competition.



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