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Hans-Ruedi Giger

1940-2014. Plastician, designer, illustrator, sculptor, graphic artist, Hans-Ruedi Giger captivates different generation of fans with pictures, sculptures of fantasy realism. He fall in love with FRIBOURG REGION and the only museum of HR Giger works in the world is located in the middle age city of Gruyères. 250 works, essentially pictures and sculptures are exposed permanently there. The museum offers as well temporary exhibitions from other creators.

The celebrity of H.R. Giger comes from the famous film Alien. He is the designer of the Alien Monster and he won the Oscar in 1980. H.R. Giger is considerated as one of the most well-known artist of the fantasy realism.

Born in 1940 in Chur, H.R. Giger is already, as a young boy, interested in fantastic and morbid creations. His resourceful imagination guides him to study architecture and industrial design in Zürich.

Later, he realised different documentaries and puted down his mutant and nightmares creatures which are made of flesh and mechanic parts. This sort of art, known as “Biomecanic” will simultaneously fascinate and insecure the public.

The Birth of „Alien“
The painter realises his phantasmagoria often with grey, blue and black colors on big screens. In the year 1976, his book “Necronomicon” steered the attention of the American cineaste Ridley Scott. It became “Alien”.

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