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The hunter of everdes

The stronghold of Everdes was built on a hill overlooking the Sarine between Corbières and Vuippens. It was destroyed by the Bernese in 1349 and nowadays only a few crumbing ruins hidden in the forest remain.

The last lord who lived in the stronghold, Othon d'Everdes, was a medieval bandit, an irredeemable hunter, who plundered without restraint and feared neither God nor man. His nefarious activities were stopped when soldiers killed him and his henchmen and burnt down the castle.

Since that day, for many centuries, his ghost haunted the forests where he hunted in his lifetime. It was particularly in May, the month when Everdes was destroyed, that a shrill, mournful wailing could be heard echoing through the forest and the treetops appeared to be ablaze with a fiery red light. The soul Othon of Everdes was calling for help and this terrified the local population. No-one dared to walk through the bewitched area.

Finally, a small chapel was built to atone for his sins and his spirit was laid to rest in peace. Nowadays people can roam freely through the woods and enjoy the site, they no longer need to fear the spectre of Othon of Everdes.

Thematic route :
A Country of Legends

Text :
Clément Fontaine, from "Sous la bannière de la Grue"
Translation :
Stella Bonnet-Evans

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