Forge of Charmey

Experience Charmey in the early 1900's! The old forge shows the History of the valley of Charmey.

Since the 19th century, the blacksmith of Charmey were shoeing the horses and repairing the lumberjack's tools in the little village of La Tzintre near Charmey. The forge was very important in the local economy. Today, the forge reminds us of this period and conserve all the old tools and machines used back in time.

Frédy Roos, heir of the last blacksmith, the forge looks just like in the years 1919-1930 as if the blacksmith left the place untouched. Old tools are blackened by shoot and one motor make all the old machines run.

Group visits for up to 15 people CHF 200.-. Duration 1h..
The forge can visited on demand. Reservation at the tourism office of Charmey.

La Tzintre
1637 Charmey

+41 (0) 26 927 55 80

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