La Part-Dieu charterhouse

Founded in 1307 and closed in 1848, La Part-Dieu charterhouse is now a private property where meditation courses, concerts and exhibitions are held.

La Part-Dieu is situated in a timeless location on the slopes of the Moléson. Open only for a few guided tours, concerts, exhibitions and courses, this historic charterhouse still has its one-kilometre-long outer wall, the central building and the church, which are generally well preserved. You can experience the serenity of the location by renting the estate's studio.

Guillemette, Countess of Gruyères, wanted to dedicate some of her assets to God before dying, the "part de Dieu" or "God's share". She purchased lands bordering the river Trême and donated them to the Carthusian monks so that they could live there. Little is known about the monastery's first few centuries of existence. The Carthusian monks hauled the building stones from the river to the monastery in carts drawn by oxen.

The buildings were ravaged by fire in 1600 and 1800. In 1848, the government of Fribourg decided to close La Part-Dieu and secularise all of its assets. Before the State was able to sell the property, the premises were damaged; it is even said that wild parties were held there. La Part-Dieu is now a private property and a foundation ensures the upkeep of its buildings.

From the time the monastery was founded, paupers came to beg for bread or a bowl of soup. A "paupers' hatch" allowed leftover food to be left for them. The morning's milk yield was also reserved for the poor. From Bulle, you can walk the "Sentier des Pauvres" (Paupers' Pathway) which retraces the footsteps of the destitute.

Above the monastery, the Bonnefontaine spring is said to possess magical properties. It is visited by a number of pilgrims, who leave donations in return for fulfilment of their wishes. These offerings belong to the Carthusian monks, although certain passers-by have been known to help themselves.




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