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Swimming Pool in Charmey

Centre de sports et loisirs
Riau de la Maula 1
1637 Charmey

+41 (0)26 927 19 41

You find the swimming pool in the Sport and Leisure Centre in Charmey.

The pool is heated to an ambiant temperature of 28 degrees and measures 25 meters. For the kids can play our smaller pool of 1 meter depth. Lounge chairs, as well as different types of swimming equippement are available and you have the possibility to rent Aqua-Fit belts.

Outside is ur lawn area with a swimming pool for kids, a playground, ping-pong and lounge chairs. The place to cool down on a hot summer day!

Free entry for kids under 6 years old, must be accompanied by an adult.

Tarifs adultes

1 entrée9.50 CHF
10 entrées85.- CHF
3 mois145.- CHF
6 mois265.- CHF
Annuel450.- CHF
Groupe8.50 CHF

Tarifs enfants

1 entrée5.50 CHF
10 entrées50.- CHF
3 mois78.- CHF
6 mois136.- CHF
Annuel220.- CHF

Tarifs adultes indigènes/en séjour

1 entrée8.- CHF
10 entrées72.- CHF
3 mois120.- CHF
6 mois224.- CHF
Annuel380.- CHF

Tarifs étudiants/AVS/AI

1 entrée6.50 CHF
10 entrées59.- CHF
3 mois100.- CHF
6 mois182.- CHF
Annuel310.- CHF

Tarifs combinés Fitness & Piscine

1 entrée19.- CHF
3 mois290.- CHF
6 mois520.- CHF
Annuel750.- CHF

Centre de sports et loisirs
Riau de la Maula 1
1637 Charmey

+41 (0)26 927 19 41

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