The waterfall in Jaun

Opposite the centre of the village with its wooden houses, at certain times of the year up to 6000 litres of water per second, gushing from the rock face, flow down into the River Jogne.

This spot, between the waterfall and the old church, hosts an exceptional level of positive energy.

Some 15 kilometers to the South-West of the village of Jaun, in the area of the Gros-Mont valley, there is another valley cutting across it which is flanked by the highest mountains of the Fribourg Préalpes: the “les Morteys” valley.

The stream running through this high valley has its source on the side of the Vanil Noir, at 1,920 metres above sea level, then it flows on for about three kilometres through this wild scenery, losing water on its way, before disappearing altogether. In 1928, it was decided to put some colour on this stream. To everyone’s surprise, eleven days after this was done, the coloured water reappeared in the Jaun waterfall!

Up to 6,000 litres per second spurt from the rock in the month of June. To get a feeling of the force of the place, stand at the fence in front of the waterfall and breathe in slowly and deeply the liquid, christallised “light”. The waterfall has a very high positive energy content (13,500 Bovis units).

Source : Blanche Merz, lieux d’énergie en Suisse, édition AT




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