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The trail "Sentier du Lac de La Gruyère"

The trail "Sentier du Lac de La Gruyère" is a 44km hike that has been rewarded with the "Prix Rando 2012" granted by the association Suisse Rando. Smaller loop itineraries of the trail can also be made.

Regarding its aspect, the trail is one-metre wide and around 44km long and it is meant to be easy and accessible.

The walker is led to stay as close as possible to the lake but it won’t always be the case for safety reasons or for the protection of the environment. Besides, the itinerary joins as much as possible the heart of the villages that you will cross.

The entire trail is open to the public, except between Le Bry and Rossens.
The trail between Le Bry and Rossens is closed for safety reasons during the winter. This applies to the section beneath the viaduct as the snow removal makes it dangerous. Signs are indicating the closing.

The 44 km hike directly runs alongside lake "Lac de La Gruyère". Along this path, the hikers will be guided through the forest and some agricultural areas but outside nature reserves. Notice boards with information on the history, the culture and the life of the region La Gruyère will soon be available along this trail.

Be careful, some parts of the trail are more demanding and you are advised to wear good hiking shoes.

Dogs have to be kept on a lead. The trail is not allowed for mountain bikes.

Section Corbières - Broc - Corbières (15 km): 3 hours 55 mins
Section Corbières - Rossens via Vuippens (20 km): 4 hours 50 mins
Section Rossens - Corbières via Pont-la-Ville (16 km): 3 hours 50 mins

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