Cross-country Skiing in the Gibloux region

Cross-country skiing routes in a variety of landscapes, from forest to peat bog and pasture. Just like being in Lapland or the pastures of the Jura, with the added bonus of the magnificent views over the Pre-Alps.

The adventure at the heart of the Gibloux starts at the refreshment area in Chalet-Neuf, in a wild clearing. Strap on your skis and you’ll soon find yourself in a smooth, rolling landscape, with a view of the little forest hut to your left. A short detour to the edge of the Monts-de-Riaz forest is well worth it for the magnificent view it offers over the Fribourg Pre-Alps. The Chalet-Neuf circuit continues through the pastures to the place called Les Gurles, which stands at the crossroads of all the Gibloux trails. At this point, you will have covered around 6 km.

In the second section, you head to the Far North on the Finlandia trail. As you head towards Les Pueys, the snow-covered pool in Les Bugnons, followed by the high marshland of Les Gurles and a brief foray into the peat bog in the midst of the birch trees offer a moment of escape. The trail then runs into the forest to join the pool in Maules, on your right as you leave the forest. This is a distance of 9 km.

If fatigue sets in at this point, you can return to the crossroads in Les Gurles through the peat bog by cutting off to the left, while hardier souls can join the route to Maules. Once you have crossed the forest you will be at the crossroads in Les Gurles, with 12 km on the clock. One final effort will bring you back to your starting point (a climb of around 1 km). Then you can relax in the pleasant stables in Chalet-Neuf, which have been converted into a pleasant winter refreshments area.

Families are welcome in the fun park especially made for kids.
Heated changing rooms are available. No showers.

Slopes: 23 km, Skating and classic
Day Pass (ad.): CHF 10.-




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