Bi Gîte

Bi Gîte
Ruth et Christoph Schmid-Kohli
Chemin de la Chapelle 1
1763 Granges-Paccot

+41 26 466 16 54

Our alpine hut « Le Bi-Djitho » (name in dialect) is located just below Cerniat on the La Berra crest, in the Fribourg Pre-Alps. It can be reached either from Plasselbschlund or Cerniat (Gîte of Allières) after about an hour-walk.

During a thunderstorm, the chalet has been struck by lighting and has been entirely rebuilt in 2004, respecting the art and tradition with a tavillon roof. On the first floor there is a kitchen with a fireplace and a bedroom/living room. On the upper floor, there is a room with 6 places to sleep and the armailli room. Spring water can be found 50 meters away from the chalet and there is no electricity.

This place is very unique with a wide landscape showing close mountains. The closeness to the monastery of La Valsainte and the summit of La Berra makes it a mystical place.

Taking part of the mountain pastures’ work
Checking the cattle
Milking the goats
Goat cheese making
Pastures’ care
Getting the wood ready

The stunning landscape on the Pre-Alps from Fribourg and Bern as well as the plain
From the top of La Berra, one can admire the Léman Lake, the Neuchâtel Lake and also the Murten Lake
The alpine flora
Hikes and biking trails, on the chalet’s way
Possibility to get something to eat or drink in the nearby mountain’s buvettes (bars)
The wind, the sun, the rain, the mist, the quietness or even the wooden fire scent, all of it will add some charm to your hike.

Our animals
22 milk-cows and their calves
22 vaches allaitantes avec leurs vaux veaux ATTENTION FAUTE EN FRANCAIS
One bull
8 goats
2 donkeys

June until mid-September

3 rooms - (2 family room). 10 beds. Bring along a sleeping bag, warm clothes and a flashlight. Possibility to eat.
PRICE CHF 39.- incl. breakfast

By foot : from the Gîte of Allières (Cerniat, Valsainte), from the Plasselschlund or from La Roche : via several marked hiking trails.
The Bi-Dgîtho is located at a 10 minute walk distance from the summit of La Berra and 20 minutes from the cable car station.

Bi Gîte
Ruth et Christoph Schmid-Kohli
Chemin de la Chapelle 1
1763 Granges-Paccot

+41 26 466 16 54