11. Castle garden (1722)

1630 Bulle

The castle garden, mentioned on a map dated 1722, is a green haven in the centre of town. Opened to the public in 1999, it is located on the path linking the Market Square to the Musée gruérien.

Little is known about the castle garden, which is already featured on the oldest known map of Bulle dated 1722. At that time the garden was used by bailiffs who lodged at the castle. At a later date, the garden was redeveloped in a symmetrical ?French? style. The prefects who took over from the bailiffs kept up its use until conversion of the garden as a public space in 1999.

Archive photo:
View of the castle and its garden, the Capuchin monastery, the Church of Notre-Dame de Compassion and the old Cabalet cemetery, circa 1910.
© Charles Morel Musée gruérien

1630 Bulle

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