Parcours Charmey-Im Fang-Jaun

The snowshoe trail “Charmey-Im Fang-Jaun” links the villages of Charmey and Jaun. The route offers a pleasant walk along the Jogne.

SwitzerlandMobility: route 272
Charmey (arrêt de bus Fulateyre) - Jaun village

You will find the starting point of the trail as you leave Charmey heading for Jaun, just after La Tsintre in Bourlianda. The first part of the path is relatively flat, as you walk up the Jogne valley along the river of the same name, which you can cross where the water allows. Take a moment to watch the cross-country skiers gliding along the parallel runs reserved for them. You will see some beautiful landscapes unfurl before you, including the Gros Mont valley and the top of the Hochmatt.
The village of Im Fang stands at the halfway point. It is home to the Jogne Valley Nordic sports centre and a restaurant, for a well-deserved break. Then head towards the village of Jaun on the path that runs alongside the cross-country skiing trails. The path continues along the Jogne. You will gradually see the village of Jaun and its church, which is famous for its carved wooden gravestones. The path ends at the foot of the Cantorama and the Jaun waterfall, an energy “hot spot”, where you can recharge your batteries.
There are plenty of bus stops along the way for anyone who does not want to do the whole walk. The route can be walked in either direction.

Ascents: 300 m
Descents: 110 m




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