Biking in the ancient Gruyère county

Properties of the itinerarie

Length : 80 km

Discover the Regional Nature Parc Gruyère Pays d'Enhaut with an Ebike!

A tour of 85 km and 1000 meters difference of altitude, fully on the SuisseMobile itineraries, away from the highways through La Gruyère, the Paysd’Enhaut and the Saanenland.
It is possible to make it in 2 days, through wonderful prealps sceneries and cultural highlights such as the Gruyères Castle and nice little villages.


Parc naturel régional Gruyère Pays-d'Enhaut
Place du village 6
1660 Château d'Oex

Ebikes renting in Charmey, Château-d’Ox and Saanen.

Bike transports with the MOB and TPF trains (from Montreux or Fribourg for exemple).

Infos: +41 (0)848 110 888

Reservations (ebike package: 2 days / 1 night, CHF 150.- to CHF 200.- per person): Tourism offices of Charmey +41 (0)26 927 55 80, Château-d’OEx +41 (0)26 924 25 25 and Gstaad +41 (0)33 748 81 81

Properties of the itinerarie

Length : 80 km

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