Panoramic Views

Charmey is surrounded by numerous fantastic vantage points for views. One of the most beautiful views is visible from Vounetz.

The immense peaks of the Waadtländer mountains and the Freiburg Alps tower in the foreground. Behind those summits you can see all the way to Dents Vertes, even up to Mont Blanc. Far below in the valley, the reservoir lake Lac de Montsalvens, glitters in the sunlight.

From the center of Charmey the hiking route first follows the signposts in the direction of Vatia d'Amont and Tissiniva. After you have left the village and hiked for a while, a beautiful view of Lake Montsalvens, Jauntal valley and the peaks of Moléson will become visible for the first time. The fork in the path leading to Tissiniva is reached via a Krete. A narrow ridge then leads up to Vounetz. If you have had enough here, you can descend to Charmey via chair-lift.

The footpath descent runs via Les Arses and leads past the chapel of Notre-Dame des Arses, an edifice dating back to the 17th century. From Les Arses onwards the hiking trail continually leads in the direction of Charmey.




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