Parcours du Revers

Winding through the upper reaches and along the right and left bank of the Hongrin as well as a protected natural area, the path offers a breathtaking view of the Cases valley and the jagged summits of the Cape aux Moines and the Vanil des Artses.

SwitzerlandMobility: route 276
Allières l’Ange - Allières l’Ange

Staring at the MOB station in Allières, the path runs alongside the railway and heads to the chapel dedicated to St Mary Magdalene, which was rebuilt in 1995 following a rockfall. It then descends to the historic bridge in Le Pontet, built in 1680, following the alpine path once used to transport cheese from La Gruyère to France.

It then climbs gently along the right bank of the Hongrin, offering a view over the Allières valley and the Dent de Jaman, which reaches a height of 1,875 m and is one of the summits in the Alpes vaudoises.

From there, the enchanting view of a protected natural area, between the mountains and the valleys, reveals all the authenticity and beauty of the region. The route continues back down towards the water, which you cross via a footbridge. It then climbs back up the left bank through the pastures to the station 5 minutes away.

Ascents: 300 m
Descents: 300 m




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