Parcours des Prés d’Albeuve

From the starting point at Les Sciernes d’Albeuve as far as the Prés d’Albeuve, enjoy the spectacular view of the circle of peaks from the Dent de Lys to the tops of the Vanil. Savour the charm and tranquillity of the region, where you might discover one of the bridges covered with timber shingles so typical of Intyamon or, if you are lucky, a wild faun in search of some dried grass.

SwitzerlandMobility: route 277
Les Sciernes d’Albeuve - Les Sciernes d'Albeuve

The protected natural environment and cultural heritage of the place will move and delight you: Standing on a hillside at the foot of the Dent de Lys, the village of Les Sciernes d’Albeuve has grown up away from the main part of the Intyamon valley. A peaceful, picturesque place to explore as you walk, both its natural environment and rich cultural heritage will charm you. The path slopes gently up to the covered bridge at Notre Dame des Grâces with its timber roof shingles, an example of regional heritage built in the early 20th century.
It then crosses the peaceful, magical plateau of the Prés d’Albeuve. Take the time to admire the ring of peaks of the Vanils mountains: the Vanil Noir (the highest in the canton, at 2,389 m), the Vanil Carré and the Vanil des Artses, but also the Dent de Lys and Folliu Borna. The highest point of the walk is above the Ski Club chalet at an altitude of 1,250 m.
The path then descends gently through pastures and forests to Les Sciernes d’Albeuve, through places that are just as charming as they sound (La Belle Gîte, La Ravère and Les Planis) peeking through a clearing at the Lessoc and its cone, Grandvillard and Les Millets.

Ascents: 400 m
Descents: 400 m




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