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Combine culture and hiking during your visit to La Gruyère thanks to the action "Good for the head, good for the legs".

Thanks to this new initiative, the 4 main museums of La Gruyère invite visitors to combine museums and hiking. Because in Gruyère, cheese, chocolate, history and nature are omnipresent and can be fully experienced.
Discover 4 key activities of the region, attractions that delight our visitors. And take a walk through our green countryside thanks to the hiking suggestions.

The Castle of Gruyères and the Trail of the Counts of Gruyères

This monument stands over La Gruyère from the top of its hill. Founded in the 12th century, the Castle of Gruyères was the home of the Counts of Gruyère. As you walk through its rooms, you are immersed in 8 centuries of local history with international dimensions. The exterior offers superb views of La Gruyère and its main peaks.

Good for the head - good for the legs

To complete the medieval experience, walk the Count's Trail (Sentier des Comtes) which runs along the Intyamon. Starting from the medieval city of Gruyères, you can explore the green landscape of an unspoilt valley.

 More information on the Castle of Gruyères.

The Maison du Gruyère and the Cheese dairy path

The demonstration cheese dairy La Maison du Gruyère offers an interactive exhibition to discover Gruyère AOP. This cheese, the symbol of our region, has been tantalising our taste buds for several centuries. Its production is a real tradition that has shaped our landscape, which is explained thanks to the audio-guided tour at the Maison du Gruyère. Naturally, the tasting of three different types of Gruyère AOP allows you to immerse yourself in these unique tastes.

Good for the head - good for the legs

If you want to learn more about cheese production on the mountain pastures, take the Fromageries Trail. This loop connects the demonstration cheese dairy La Maison du Gruyère to the alpine cheese dairy in Moléson. Several educational panels along the way explain everything you need to know about Gruyère AOP.

More information on La Maison du Gruyère.

Maison Cailler and the life-size chocolate game

The Maison Cailler presents a real chocolate adventure in the heart of the village of Broc. The three-part tour takes chocolate lovers on a journey through the history of Cailler delicacies. The tour continues into the production area, where you can watch the master chocolate makers produce various creations. An adventure that concludes with a tasting of the famous pralines.

Good for the head - good for the legs

Enjoy the "Life-size chocolate game" by Maison Cailler. This fun and digital walk invite young and old to follow the adventures of Alexandre Cailler. For 1 hour, you walk through the village of Broc while discovering the history of the famous chocolate maker.

More information on the Maison Cailler.

The Musée gruérien and the Rallye de la Ville de Bulle

At the foot of the Château de Bulle, the Musée gruérien invites you to discover the authentic Gruyère. Rich in emotion, the Itineraries and Footprints tour is interactive and modern. Thanks to 7 themes, the visitor can learn more about La Gruyère, its traditions, its history and its art.

Good for the head - good for the legs

Visit the historic city center of Bulle and admire its monuments, its curiosities, its squares, its parks. Throughout your tour in the city of Bulle, you’ll find numbered panels listing places of interest and their founding dates.

More information on the Musée gruérien.

Good for the head - good for the legs

Find out about our suggestions for walks to enjoy a perfect moment in Gruyère, between nature and culture!