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Find out what advantages your Passeport La Gruyère offers you.

The La Gruyère Passport is a booklet given to every visitor. When you check-in at your chosen hotel, this red booklet gives you access to different activities. Free admission and discounts are included. Discover the details thanks to our information board.

Each person has 2 vouchers per category in their Passeport La Gruyère.

These vouchers entitle you to the following benefits
Activities of your choiceActivities of your choiceCablewaysActivities
  • Château de Gruyères
  • Musée de Charmey
  • Musée gruérien
  • HR Giger Museum
  • Tibet Musem
  • Alpine Cheese Dairy
  • La Maison du Gruyère
  • Maison Cailler
Two-way trip free of charge
  • Télécharmey à Charmey
  • Gastlosen Express à Jaun
  • Plan-Francey à Moléson
  • Télémixte, La Berra
  • Minigolf à Bulle
    Une partie gratuit
  • Bowling Fun Planet
    2e partie gratuite
Reduction of CHF 5.-Reduction of CHF 5.-
  • Purchase of the hiking map
  • Charmey Aventures
  • Excursion to l'Île d'Ogoz
  • Leisure park in Moléson
    (sur l'achat de 3 jetons)
  • Les Bains de La Gruyère
  • Gruyère Escapade
  • Kayak Aventure / Gruyère Paddle
  • Espace Gruyère ice rink
    (in winter)
  • Fish Far,
  • Sport and Leisure Centre in Charmey