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La Gruyère offers many hiking trails, which wander through our landscapes.

To ensure a beautiful cohabitation between hiking enthusiasts and lovers of mountain biking and E-Bike, La Gruyère Tourisme offers you some good tips. Practical advice that allows everyone to have a good time on our hiking trails.

Good practices

By bike/mountain bike

  • Make your presence known with the bell.
  • Let the hikers take priority.
  • Pass hikers to the pace of the step, or get off your bike.


  • Priority is given to hikers.
  • If there is enough space, please leave the passage free.
  • Avoid unnecessarily obstructing the passage of mountain bikers/cyclists.

To avoid

  • By bike/mountain bike: Blocking the rear wheel - this damages the path.
  • Hiking: Listening to music too loud and not paying enough attention.

In general

Respect each individual's interests

  • Be respectful of the people you meet along the way. Whether they are on foot or by bike.
  • Remember to close gates and fences on your route.

Think about nature

  • Take your rubbish with you.
  • Avoid making fires outside dedicated areas.
  • Follow the marked itineraries, out of respect for the fauna and flora.

Be ready for the outing

  • Plan your outing rigorously: identify the difficulties, the places suitable for a break, for shelter.
  • Make sure you are adequately equipped (clothing, drinks, food).
  • Plan for small emergencies (injuries, stings, punctures).