The mountain leader is a professional accompanying people who seek to experience the multiple facets and riches that a region has to offer, someone who will convey knowledge and experience of the area’s natural, historic and socio-cultural environment.

He or she will enable you to have a marvellous experience each time you go on a hike in the mountains.

Throughout the year, in summer as in winter, whether on foot or using show-shoes, the mountain leader is a valuable partner for going on hikes in the best of circumstances, for he or she really knows everything about safety and organisation, about weather conditions, snow, and the risk of avalanches. In the event of poor weather, or where difficult places are encountered, or when there are problems within the group, the leader will know what needs to be done.

The mountain leaders will take you beyond the marked paths, into the heart of enchanting areas while fully respecting nature with its sensitive animal and plant species. They are available to respond to your requests, your wishes, and your ideas. Do not hesitate to contact them.
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Rates for a group
Whole day: CHF 480.-
Half-day or evening (max 4 hours): CHF 350.-

Rates per person
Vary in accordance with the activities that are foreseen during the hike, the time or distance, the age of participants, etc.
Approximately CHF 60.- per day.

The leaders of la Gruyère are at your disposal
Borcard-Pury Véronique - +41 (0)79 487 82 75 -
Cantin Cyrille - +41 (0)79 634 55 31 -
Currat Stéphane - +41 (0)79 605 51 70 -
Rumo Rachel - +41 (0)79 467 75 18 -
Torrent Juliane - +41 (0)76 561 47 13 -
Amey Sandrine - +41 (0)79 302 18 72
Monferini Jean - +41 (0)79 560 83 61 -

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