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At the crossroads of Gruyères, Charmey and Bulle, the village is situated between lake and mountains. Nestling at the foot of the Dent de Broc, it is well worth a visit for its flagship activities.

Home to the chocolate industry of La Gruyère, the village of Broc is the home of the famous Maison Cailler. For over 100 years, the Swiss Chocolate Factory has been perfuming this village, which is home to a second wonder: the Gorges de la Jogne.

Two museums perfect for families

A historical journey awaits you on your visit to Switzerland's favourite chocolate attraction. The Maison Caillerr, the famous chocolate factory of the region, offers an itinerary around chocolate. Between history, production and tasting, the whole family will enjoy this popular attraction in French-speaking part of Switzerland.
Still in the Lac de La Gruyère region, plunge into the world of a hydroelectric plant by visiting Electrobroc. This energy information centre reveals many secrets and offers fun experiences.

A great range of walks

The village of Broc is located on a plateau which gives access to several hikes, with varied characteristics. The most famous hike is undoubtedly the trail of the Gorges de la Jogne. Hiking enthusiasts can easily reach Charmey or Gruyères thanks to the Chemin du Gruyère. Access to the Sentier du Lac de La Gruyère is also easy from this multifaceted village.